Weight Watchers Week 2 Recap

Okay week 2 seems to have been a bit harder than week 1 or at least in how it panned out for me. I met my mom for lunch one day thinking I would easily be able to find something on the menu that would work and everything was racking up points so quickly. I finally just chose something relatively good and tapped into my extra points for dinner. On Saturday we went to a salad place for lunch and I thought I chose  a really great dressing for few points and when I got home discovered it was almost the worst one I could have chosen. Just when I think I'm making great healthy choices I realize I'm doing okay, but maybe not great! I am finding the best way to stay within my points and eat healthy in general is to just eat at home and prepare my meals. It can be exhausting though!

Goal: Lose 19 lbs.
This Week's Loss: 1.5 lbs
Current Total Loss: 6.5 lbs
Remaining Goal: 12.5 lbs

Running Progress: I'm really starting to feel good about my running. I completed 2 miles the other night on my run and felt good about them. Yes, I still walked and ran like the C25K program has you doing but I ended my run feeling good. On Sunday I decided to see if I was able to run a full mile yet with not breaks and made it so darn close. I had to take two small 30 second breaks in the course of my mile, but nearly made it. I really hope I can run the 1st mile of the Turkey Trot then walk/run the other miles.

Cross Training: This week I didn't make it to the gym or really do any other type of cross-training activities. My hope was to do the 30-day shred a couple of days or Pilates but neither happened. I at least need to start walking another day or two during my week if I am not running. It's getting colder now so this will take some serious dedication on my part!

Recipes to Share: We hit the Skinny Taste recipes like a champ again this week! I made this super easy to make Baked Buffalo Chicken Nuggets, it was good but nothing special. We will still probably make it again but this time with her ranch recipe for dipping! I needed a recipe to use leftover ground beef from cooking burgers early in the week so I searched Skinny Taste for a ground beef recipe. I ended up going with the Cheeseburger Casserole since I had all the ingredients. My husband actually liked it which honestly surprised me though he did mock it calling it Hamburger Helper. I'll have even more to share next week--the menu looks delicious!

Things I Miss: Starbucks, Dr. Pepper and Eating Whatever I Want 🙂 This is a repeat from last week!
Upcoming Events with Goals: 5k- Turkey Trot - Thanksgiving Day, also looking into running a 5k with a friend in December.

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  1. Tasha Jackson
    Good work, Jana! :) I'm proud of you!

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