My New Roommate

Published March 1, 2024 tag category
My New Roommate

I was both nervous and excited as I walked down the corridor of my new full hd xvideo download dorm at college. Sure, there would be new classes, new teachers, quizzes, and exams, but the biggest thing on my mind was my new roommate. I would be spending the next year with her.. What would she be like?
I was carrying a load of boxes and didn't want to put them down when I got to my door, so I held my breath and gave a little knocking kick with my foot.
A /cute/">cute, slender, /brunette/">brunette opened the door. "Hi, you must be Hayley!" she said as she took some boxes from me. "I'm Kayla".I nodded nervously and she smiled. "I've always wanted a roommate, Hayley.. this is gonna be so much fun!" She looked me up and down. "You look about the same size as me, are you opposed to sharing clothes?"
It was that moment that I knew we would get along great. I liked this girl already, she was /sweet/">sweet, outgoing, and really friendly."Of course not!" I cried, "we can double our wardrobe for half the price!"
"Great", she said, pulling out a shiny pink tube top and handing it to me, "try this on!"
"well, actually, I don't have a strapless bra.. so I don't think I better right now"
Kayla glanced down at my chest and put her finger over her lips.."Hmmm, 34C, right?"
"er.. yah" I blushed.
She reached under her shirt and in a split second pulled her bra out from under it. "Here ya go, try this!"
I looked around the room for an appropriate place to get changed, suddenly realizing how small it actually was. I never even thought about the possibility of getting undressed in front of someone everyday.
Kayla began giggling. "Hayley, its inevitable we're going to see each other naked!"
"Well, I suppose you're right." I said, as I slipped my shirt off and began fumbling with the clasp of my bra.
"Here, let me help you with that!" She came up behind me, lifted my hair, and expertly undid the clasp for me.
"Wow, you sure are an expert at that, eh?" I teased.
"Well, what can I say, I've had a lot of practice on myself and.. " her voice trailed off.
"And what?" I asked.
"And.. well, I don't want to scare you away, but I guess I'll tell you now while the subject has sorta come up. I'm bisexual."
I nearly fell off the bed. "Are you attracted to me?"
"Of course I am Hayley.. I mean, look at you.. you're /gorgeous/">gorgeous!"
I was a bit /scared/">scared, but flattered. A million thoughts began racing through my mind. What would it free porn movies download like to be with another girl? I'd always been kinda curious. And here was my perfect chance to find out. Well, what the hell. After all, college was about experiencing new things, wasn't it?
I turned to face her and slipped off my bra, revealing my firm, erect nipples. I looked into her eyes, and nodded.
She reached out her arms and cupped my breasts, massaging them gently. I moaned as she brought her lips to my nipples and began teasing them with her tongue, her mouth moving over each one in turn.She pushed me down on the bed and slid her hand between my legs. I was sure she could already feel the wetness even through my jeans. She began stroking me as her other hand hurriedly unzipped them. With one quick motion, my jeans were off and her fingers were in my panties. She slid one finger inside me, than another, and began thrusting them in and out harder and faster each time.
This girl really knows what she doing, I thought, as waves of pleasure ran through my body. I screamed and moaned, as we both collapsed on my bed.
"Now its your turn." She said, with a smile.