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Larry was divorced from his wife. She had called him a pervert when he wanted to stick his dick up her /asshole/">asshole and fuck her. She divorced him.

He and his son Jason was going on a fishing trip. So he loaded his Winnebago up with fishing gear. He drive to his ex ex-wifes house and honked the horn. Jason came running and jumped in.

"Did you tell your mother that we will be gone for a week?"

"Yes." Jason said.

Jason was sixteen and on summer vacation.

Larry drove to a secluded lake. He found a spot where there werent any people. He did not want to be disturbed. It was late in the afternoon so Larry broke out the beer, Jason drank beer for the /first-time/">first time. Larry told him not to tell his mother.

"Jason do you have a girlfriend yet?" ask Larry.

"Sort of dad, but I think boys are nicer."

Larry thought about that for a moment. Jason was kind of effeminate.

The conversation shifted to fishing and what Jason said about girls was forgotten.

It was time for bed and it was hot in the Winnebago. They were going to sleep in their shorts.

Larry and Jason went to sleep in the only bed. Sometime around daylight he woke and felt a hand gently feeling his pecker. It was Jason!

Larry pretended he was still asleep and let his son play with his hard on.

The next morning when he woke up Larry kissed his son on the forehead.

"Wake up son."

"Lets go outside and look around. Jason and his father put their clothes on. Larry snuck a peek at Jason still hard unincumbered prick. It was poking out of the fly of his shorts. It was god damned big thought Larry.

They went outside. The camp site was deserted. Larry brought out the cooler of beer. Father and son got drunk together.

"Jason I was awake last night when you played with my penis."

Jason started crying.

"Thats alright Jason."

"I liked it." he smiled.

"Really daddy?"

"Would you let me feel it again?" he said relieved.

"Ill do better than that."

"I will let you /asshole/asshole-fuck/fuck-my-asshole/">fuck my asshole!

With that he took his clothes off and bent over the picknic table offering his ass to his son. Jason almost ripped his his clothes off. Jason spit on his fathers puckered asshole and pushed his dick up his dads rectum.

Larry grunted. He smelled the lake and the fresh flowers that were growing nearby. His asshole relaxed and Jason indian santali xvideo pumped his dads hole slowly.

Jasons eyes were tightly closed and alain lyle porn he had a little drool trickling from the corners of his mouth. It seemed to last for a precious long time, and then Jason exploded cum in his fathers ass!

That was the best feeling young Jason experienced in his whole life. Jasons went off and his dick wilted and fell out of his dads asshole.

Larry turned around and kissed him.

"I loved that son." and he kissed him again.

"Do me now." said Jason excitedly.

Larry bent his son over the table. Spit on his asshole and fucked him. Jason moaned and cried for his dad to fuck him harder. Larry dropped rivers of cum in his /ass/boy-ass/">boy ass.

They threw their arms around each other and kissed passionately.

A young woman was watching them. They turned around and saw her.

"Dont worry, I like to watch two queers fuck each other." she giggled.

Jason and Larry stared at her in disbelief and shame.

"My name is Sally." she said sweetly.

"I didnt mean to interrupt but you two tunned me on."

Larry knew that she was no threat and he told her his name.

"Hi, I am Larry."

"What is your lovers name?"

Larry told her that Jason was his son and they had /gay/first-time-gay/first-time-gay-sex/">first time gay sex and loved it.

"I could see that." she smiled.

Larry invited her into his Winnebago.

"If you guys want to be naked so will I."

She took of her clothes and sat on the bed.

"Can I have a beer?" she ask.

Larry opened her a beer and they talked and laughed into the night. Larry liked this non judgemental woman and ask her if she would like to stay the night.