Little Bookworm Party {Annabelle’s 2nd Birthday}

Whew, its been a crazy few months! We welcomed our second child in September, celebrated Annabelle's 2nd in October... mix in trips, work, and everything else, I have been busy to say the least!

Annabelle is a spunky little thing. This quote perfectly explains her: "Though she be but little, she is fierce." She loves trucks, hairbows, and baby dolls, but one of her favorite things to do is read books with us. She has memorized quite a few of her favorites, including {affiliate links} Are You A Cow?, Tickle Time, and The Very Hungry Caterpillar.


Since she loves books so much, we decided to throw a Little Bookworm themed birthday party, encouraging guests to bring books in lieu of cards.

Here was the invitation:

Annabelle's 2nd - Bookworm Party Invitation

Since I had a little one, I kept decorations and food simple. Here are the party decorations and such:

Annabelle's 2nd - Little Bookworm Birthday Party

Using some bright two sizes of green balloons, washers for weight, and tape, I assembled a worm to be the focal point of the food table. I then used my {affiliate link} Pazzles creative cutter to cut out eyes, mouth, eyebrows, and of course, glasses to mimic the worm on the invitations. I am so thrilled with how it turned out 🙂

Annabelle's 2nd - Ain't No Party Like a Bookworm Party

I also used my {affiliate link} Pazzles creative cutter to create a quirky little image that said "Ain't no party like a bookworm party." The great thing about Pazzles' software is the ability to create custom cut files. I was able to recreate the worm from the invite to carry the theme all the way through the party. I repurposed a frame from my bedroom to display my little art piece.

Annabelle's 2nd - Bookworm Cupcakes

Instead of a cake, we opted for cupcakes. While a cake can be tricky to decorate, cupcakes are so easy. Just add a printed cupcake topper, and voila! I baked our favorite, Banana cupcakes with cream cheese icing, and added a bit of green sugar for a little extra color. Annabelle's future aunt Carlee helped me with the icing work!

Annabelle's 2nd - Bookworm Water Bottles

Similar to what I did for Annabelle's first birthday party, I created custom water bottle labels. This turns what would be an ugle water bottle into a party decoration. I love using food and drink as party decor.

Annabelle's 2nd - Bookworm Juice Boxes

I also created custom sleeves for organic juice boxes for the kiddos. Annabelle loves apple juice!

Annabelle's 2nd - Bookworm Straws

I made a simple yet colorful punch with cranapple juice, another one of Annabelle's favorites, and Sprite. To fancy up the straws, I added a cute little "I

Annabelle's 2nd - M'Kenna

Aren't those straws just too cute?

Annabelle's 2nd - Bookworms

Along with other snacks like cookies, chips and dip, and crackers with cheese dip, I elected for some more theme appropriate snacks like "Annabelle's bookworms" which were simply gummy worms and of course, Smarties candies. I also looked for Nerds candies, but I didn't find any at the store I typically shop.

Annabelle's 2nd - Favor Bags

Since I didn't plan specific activities for the kids, I put together pretty tricked out favor bags. I let Annabelle pass them out to guests as they arrived. Inside were glider planes, crayons and paper, head bands, LED light rings, sticky slap hands, toy cars, playdoh, slingy frogs, and nerdy glasses. I chose items that would be fun for older and younger kids alike. {affiliate link} Amazon has great party favors for cheap!

Annabelle's 2nd - Grandmama

Annabelle thought it was funny to put the LED rings in her mouth and let her cheeks light up.

Annabelle's 2nd - Bookworm Guests

My favorite favor item were the nerdy cokebottle glasses. 🙂

Annabelle's 2nd - Uncle Nate

Annabelle also enjoyed stretching (and breaking) the slingy frog favors.

When it came time to open presents, I had each guests keep their gift and had Annabelle go around to open in front of each guest and say "thank you." It turned out to be simpler in theory than in practice, but I still think it helped Annabelle recognize that each guest brought a present, that they didn't just fall from the sky. I think building grateful children is a major challenge in today's society, so I try to help her realize where things come from and to express her thanks for them.

All in all, it was a cute little party and Annabelle was surrounded by people who love her. What more could I ask for? Plus, it was easy to put together and wasn't expensive... a major plus when you have a newborn in the house!

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  1. I love it and it brings back so many memories! Just wish we could have made it :)

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