Weight Watchers Week 4 Recap

I'm not going to lie--I was so nervous about this weeks weight in after a weekend of indulgence. I tried to make healthy choices as much as I could while away on our Anniversary weekend, but then I decided to just let loose a little. I ate more carbs this weekend than I have eaten in weeks but still didn't go over my  points for the week. I mean I tapped really far into my "extra" points, but I didn't go too overboard. As soon as we got home on Sunday I went for a 2 mile run to get back into my good habits. Must start this week out strong because we will be very busy this week with very few healthy home cooked meals hitting the table. I've got to make good choices when I can and try not to go crazy when offered thing I could easily eat my weight in.


Goal: Lose 19 lbs.
This Week’s Loss: 1.5 lbs
Current Total Loss: 8.5 lbs
Remaining Goal: 10.5 lbs

Running Progress: The weather cleared up at the end of this past week giving me beautiful running weather making it so much easier to hit the trails. I decided to attempt a 3-mile run this week to see if I would be able to survive the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving and totally didn't die! I mean I made it the full 3-miles running more than walking and finishing faster than I would have expected myself to finish. The following day I attempted another 3 mile run and after a mile wanted to curl up on the corner of the road and cry. It's funny how one day I feel like a champ and the next day I'm shocked at how I can't do it. I'm starting to love running again!

Cross Training: I actually made it to the gym--finally!! I met a friend at the gym one of the days it was really cold because I knew I would hit he trails. It was nice to be able to talk with someone during my workout too! I also started doing a few videos here and there on days I'm not running or on days that I just run a mile. My friends recommended checking out Fitness Bender and I'm loving it!

Recipes to Share: This week we made my Turkey Chili as it's a household favorite--I also doubled the recipe so it's a done deal for us when the temps drop again. And of course we tried some more Skinny Taste recipes this week too. The Crock Pot Balsamic Pork Roast was probably my favorite this week with lots of flavor! I made roasted broccoli to go with it, but would be interested in the Broccoli and Cheese twice baked potatoes she suggested next time. The other recipe we tried was the Baked Chicken Parmesan which I've wanted to make for over a year and just never have. It was SOOO easy to make and will definitely be on our menu again!

Things I Miss: Lattes 🙂

Upcoming Events with Goals: 5k- Turkey Trot – Thanksgiving Day

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