A Message From Mrs. Claus!

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A Message about heart health from Mrs. Claus

As many of you know, our site name and mission revolve around Proberbs 31:10-31, the characterization of the Wife of Noble Character. Our team of writers and our intended audience are all women who strive to live in this example, which is no small feat. From homemaking to financial savviness, child-rearing to faithfulness, the Proverbs woman is a hard-workin’ little lady. This is the example put forth for us by God, and it shows his confidence in us as women within our many, many roles.

Finding a Proverbs 31 woman in today’s society can be tricky. Surely, times have changed and with that, the roles of a woman have changed as well. You will not likely find many women nowadays “selecting wool and flax” or “grasping the spindle with her fingers.” However, you can find women loading the dishwasher, balancing her online banking, and even starting an Etsy store to help support her family. They volunteer at their church nurseries and pray over their husbands.

That being said…

This month (really, the last three months), we have been surrounded by Santa figurine, tree ornaments, and colorful lights just about everywhere we turn. Though all of these things can certainly be distracting from the true meaning of Christmas, I feel there are certainly positive messages buried inside as well. Think of this… isn’t Mrs. Claus a pretty stellar example of a Proverbs 31 wife? She cares for the elves, takes after the house (which I’m almost positive smells like sugar cookies and cinnamon year round), and tirelessly supports her husband’s ventures year after year after year. A man doesn’t bless that many families, bring that much joy to children, and accomplish what would otherwise be impossible without the love, support, and prayer of a good woman, am I right?

Well, this year, Mrs. Claus is taking her role as Santa-support-system a step further. She, more than anyone, recognizes how stressful the holiday season can be and how that stress wreaks havoc in our bodies, especially our hearts. For that reason, she has made some dietary changes for her and Santa, like adding Omega-3, vitamins D and E, and beta-glucan rich foods to their diets and supplementing with fish oil and multi-vitamins. Since more than 80 million Americans live with heart disease, including my father who had a heart attack at age 39, it was time the Clauses become a better example of heart health.

She has put her and Santa’s dietary recommendations online for you all to see and learn from, and she even put out great on-the-go snack options to help you stay heart-healthy during the busy holiday season (my favorite part!). There are some great, helpful links and resources that will have you making your grocery list and checking it twice! Check it out here: www.clausnutrition.com (and don’t forget to check back as Mrs. Claus is continually updating it with her and Santa’s progress).

I also love this site because I can introduce my children to health-related topics at an early age using one of their favorite role models!

Have a merry Christmas and a heart-healthy New Year!

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