5 Scrumptious Oreo Recipes – Friday 5

5 Scrumptious Oreo Recipes


Confession: I have a sweet tooth. For all of you who keep up with my posts, I'm sure you are all but surprised. So, I'm pretty darn sure this isn't the first dessert lineup in the Friday 5 series. But, I do think I am starting 2014 off on the right foot because if I have to pick one sweet that rules them all, it may just be the yummilicious sandwich cookie we all call Oreo (however, I do admit that I love the store brand versions and especially love Newman's Own Organic kind, too!). So, a dessert recipe that incorporates this beautiful combination of cream filling and chocolate wafers is way up there for me (right up there with Brownies!)

Yeah yeah, you aren't here for my babble. On to the list of 5 Scruptious Oreo Recipes...


Oreo Cheesecake Cake

Oreo Cheesecake Cake by Erins Food Files

This recipe by Erin's Food Files boists white chocolate icing, moist chocolate cake, and a thick filling layer of Oreo cheesecake.  Does it get any better than that?  And you wouldn't believe how cute the outside of the cake turned out, too!
Recipe here. 


Oreo Fluff

Oreo Fluff by 365-ish Days of Pinterest

You know, I've actually heard of this one.  Correction... I've heard folks RAVING about this one.  Our friend at 365-ish Days of Pinterest shares this fluffy, heavenly dessert made from Oreos, whipped cream, and pudding.
Recipe here.


Oreo Brownies

Oreo Brownies by Sugar & Snapshots

Sugar and Snapshots created this beautiful combination of American's favorite cookie and one of my favorite desserts, brownies.  How come I didn't think of that??
Recipe here.


Nutella Cream Cheese Cakebites with Oreo Crusts

Nutella Cream Cheese Cakebites with Oreo Crusts by 7 On A Shoestring

This quirky yet delicious recipe by 7 On A Shoestring features an Oreo crust topped with a cream cheese filling and Nutella icing.  Well, hello, gorgeous!
Recipe here.


Cookies and Cream Brownie Dessert

Cookies and Cream Brownie Dessert by Giggles Galore

We all know I love brownies, right?  Well this beauty by Giggles Galore has brownies topped with an Oreo icing.  Um... can't get to my kitchen fast enough!
Recipe here.


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  1. Nicole Burkholder
    Thanks for featuring my Oreo Fluff :) Pinning! And running to the store for more oreos...
    • Jana
      On that note, me too!!
  2. Mariah
    Mmm, all of these look so good. Thanks for including our Cookies and Cream Brownies!

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