5 Fall DIY Projects – Coastal Style

Looking for ways to incorporate your coastal, beach house style into your fall decor? Check out these 5 Fall DIY Projects - Coastal Style!

5 Fall DIY Projects - Coastal Style

Hi there! I’m Natalee from over at Stylish Beach Home Blog, happy to be a guest blogger here at Thirty-one:10 Blog. Since we’ve never been introduced, I thought I’d share a little bit about me, and then a few of my favorite ways that you can decorate your home for fall in a coastal style. (We are all about beautiful beach homes and coastal style decorating over there!)

So here I am with my crew. I’m the girl farthest right on the top row. My awesome husband is buried right in the middle.

Large family Stylish Beach Home

My family


Yep, that’s 8 children, all nestled around my sweetie and me. My oldest daughter, just left of me, is 17 years old and you can count down about one every 18 months or so … until the end. That little cutie, Jack, came a full 5 years after my youngest at the time. He is 2, and is the favorite of every member of the family.
We are a close, busy crew and we feel like we never stop, even though I am forever trying to simplify. We homeschool, which does keep me busy, but it also alleviates a lot of stress and busy-ness elsewhere in my day. We don’t do homework and my girls help me with dinner most nights, so it all works out, I guess. We work everything as a team, including the family business, which is an education in and of itself! My blogging job certainly helps me to keep my finger on the pulse of the world of coastal décor, and I’ve come across some neat projects that I thought I would pass along …

As temperatures across the country start to drop, many people’s thoughts turn to fall decorating projects and DIY craft projects. I’m here to show you a different side of fall decorating – coastal style, where you can experiment with different colors and textures to get that feeling of autumnal change in a totally unique way. If you are all about the season but also all about originality, check out my 5 favorite Fall DIY projects – Coastal Style! These are perfect for those of us who don’t have the time or gift for complicated craft projects, but who still like to dabble in a little DIY.

1. Paint Pumpkins in Coastal Colors. Display pumpkins of various sizes and shapes, and see what changes you can make to them using paint in golds, whites, taupes, tans, and blues. Think of the colors of sand and surf! If you are gifted, the sky’s the limit – you can certain get fancy with patterns like this tutorial here: http://artseachic.blogspot.com/2012/10/artsy-craftsy-how-to-alisa-burkes.html

White pumpkins coastal home fall decor

Photo courtesy of Ocean Home Magazine

Painted Pumpkins coastal colors

Photo courtesy of Perfectly Imperfect Blog


2. Hang Starfish Wreaths on your front door. Burlap Wreaths are easy to make and wonderfully combine elements from both fall and the sea in perfect harmony. There are several versions of this but this wreath from Living Well Spending Less blog seems to be the simplest.

Burlap Starfish Wreath

Photo courtesy of Living Well Spending Less blog

Alternatively, you can really incorporate the colors of the sea with this Yarn and Starfish Wreath from Crafts Unleashed.  Both are classy!

Yarn Starfish Wreath for Fall Coastal Decor

Photo courtesy of Crafts Unleashed Blog


3. Upgrade Acorns. All it takes to achieve this charming look is a little bit of paint or glitter, and some creativity in your display.

Painted acorns

Painted acorns by Just*Grand blog


Painted Acorns

Photos courtesy Just Grand blog // ModPodgeRocks blog


Glitter Acorns in a nest

Photo courtesy of Old Willow Farm blog


4. Stencil and Glam Your Pumpkins are basically #1 with an extra layer of creativity. You can find the Coastal Pumpkins tutorial here. I give this blogger an A+ for creativity! See that starfish to the left? I originally thought it was painted on but it is carved in … imagine how pretty that looks with light shining through it!


Coastal Pumpkins fall decor

Photos courtesy of Sand and Sisal blog


5. Old fashioned pumpkin carvings of sea creatures. These beauties were featured in Coastal Living Magazine, with a full tutorial on how to achieve the look. I am crazy about octopuses, so that one is my favorite, but I also happen to be smitten with the crab as well.


coastal pumpkins fall

Photos courtesy of Coastal Living Magazine

Fall decorating has so much potential, but I always tend toward crafts and displays that also show some sophistication and style. Coastal decorating is very trendy, and shows no sign of decline as folks come to realize the wide array of choices in coastal decorating, and now you know you don’t have to give that up as you change up the scenery for the change of the seasons. Please head on over to StylishBeachHome.blogspot.com sometime and say hello. Maybe we’ll see you around here again too!


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