3 Step Burlap Ribbon Wreaths

Make a 3-step burlap ribbon wreath in no time! Chelsea and her friends create two examples to inspire!

How to make burlap ribbon wreathsWreaths are such a fun, easy way to decorate the outside or even the inside of your home!  I recently worked on a number of crafts with a couple of my close friends, and two of them choose to make wreaths using burlap ribbon.  This was the first time I had really worked with this ribbon and I fell in love!  I love the natural look of it and there are so many choices - pattern or plain, wired or not wired, skinny or thick.  The possibilities are endless!  Here is the step by step for these two wreaths... and it's just three simple steps!  I hope it inspires you to head to your nearest craft store and get started on your holiday wreaths. (We have used Jo-Ann’s Craft Stores for many of our crafts and activities here at Thirty-one:10, see Jana's post on Mummy and Spider Cupcakes for more on her shopping experience).

Step One: Gather Supplies!  Decide what kind of base you want to use for the wreath itself and what decorations you want to attached.  For one of our wreaths, we even spray painted some decorations to color coordinate with the room the wreath was going to hang in.

Pick out supplies for burlap ribbon wreaths

Step 2: Start wrapping your wreath with the burlap ribbon.  This is where you can really play around with how you want your wreath to look.  Tip: if you are going for a full look, use the burlap ribbon that is wired.  This will give you the option to move the ribbon a little bit here and there after you tighten it all down.  This will help prevent any bald spots in the finished product.

Wrapping wreaths with burlap ribbon.

Step 3: Decorate! Get out your hot glue gun and add the decorations you picked out!  Here's how our 3 step burlap ribbon wreaths turned out:

3 Step Burlap Ribbon Wreaths

I love how the wreath on the left can be used for fall or Christmas!  Speaking of Christmas, if you are already making Christmas wreaths, check out Jana's super easy ornament wreath here.  Haven't moved onto Christmas yet?  That's ok, neither have I!  For an example of a burlap wreath just for fall, check out this one here.  If you are looking to spruce up your fall wreath with ribbon, check out this post.

Do you recognize the colors and chevron pattern used for the wreath on the right?  This wreath was made to coordinate with the same nursery as the customized baby gift basket.

Feeling inspired?  Are you ready to run to the craft store yet?  Have fun, be creative, and don't be afraid to try many different combinations of ribbon and decorations!



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  1. Awesome DIY! This is such a lovely idea. Thanks, Chelsea! :)

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