Weight Watchers Week 3 Recap

This past week was hard with a winter blast busting through here. I didn't get in enough exercise to make up for a few extra points I decided were worthy of consuming. It made me realize the next two weeks are going to be really hard to still lose in the midst of our Anniversary and Thanksgiving. I am going to have to commit to working out this week so I can hopefully still lose or at least not gain! We will be going out for our Anniversary for much of the weekend and I'm learning eating light on the go isn't my specialty plus its my anniversary and I want to eat and drink whatever the heck I want. I'm just anxious that if I do that I won't just not lose weight, but I'll in fact gain weight back. So today I eat minimal points and stick with it as much as I can despite how badly I want a cookie so that come the weekend I can indulge.

Weight Watchers Week 3

Goal: Lose 19 lbs.
This Week’s Loss: .5 lbs
Current Total Loss: 7 lbs
Remaining Goal: 12 lbs

Running Progress: Right when I was feeling good about my running an arctic blast came through and ruined my excitement! I was determined to get out one day so bundled my daughter up really warm and got myself dressed. I couldn't find my gloves and evidently wore too thin of socks. I seriously froze my rear off and the wind, oh the wind! It was the worst run to date. I'm not even sure I completed a full mile and I felt awful the entire time. The second day I decide to run in the cold weather I left my daughter at home (it's hard enough as is), boughts gloves and wore thicker socks. It was so much better!

Cross Training: I really should have been doing something else last week since I only force out one run, but I decided to drink coffee and hide by the fire place instead. I don't do cold weather!

Recipes to Share: My all time favorite recipe of the week was this skinny Baked Potato Soup from Skinny Taste. I was happy to have leftovers all week and will gladly make it again. My husband didn't even notice that it had cauliflower in it--winning! The other Skinny Taste recipe we tried last week was this Buffalo Chicken and Bean Chili that was recommended to me by a friend. It was really good, but a bit spicy for my liking. We will probably make it again, but I will do a little less Frank's hot sauce. Funny how she told me they added more Frank's to theirs, but they are cajun. I also made the recipe with ground turkey instead of ground chicken.

Things I Miss: Just about everything. Seriously, I'm so tired of not eating what I want when I want!

Upcoming Events with Goals: 5k- Turkey Trot – Thanksgiving Day

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