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Disclaimer: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Please keep safety in mind when using essential oils. Make sure you are buying quality products. Do your homework and be sure that you are using them safely and in a way they are meant to be used. Please check with your vet before using oils on your animals. These opinions are 100% my own.

Lavender. Mmmm. This is one of my favorite oils. Not only do I love the smell, but there are so many uses for lavender oil. The possibilities seem endless. I think this is the best oil to start with if you are new to using essential oils. I tested this oil in many different ways, but the ones I want to share with you today are:


Lavender Oil


Helping the Family Sleep:

Lavender sleepWhen most people think of lavender, they think of it as relaxing - something that may help with sleep. Therefore, I knew this would be the first test for my Young Living lavender oil. Let me first share with you my family’s sleeping habits. My little man sleeps very well, but sometimes has a hard time winding down before bed. This is when he tends to get the giggles! My husband, a firefighter, works a crazy schedule of various nights and days that would send me over the edge. Somehow, he manages, but he often has a VERY hard time sleeping through the night when he is home. I tend to sleep well most of the time, but like my little man, I often get a burst of energy right before bed time. I just have a hard time turning my brain off and getting to sleep.

I tested the Lavender in a couple of different ways for each of us to see what helps us the best. My husband and I each tried taking baths with Epsom salts and a few drops of lavender. This was very relaxing, and great for sore muscles, but we couldn’t really tell a difference in whether or not it actually helped us sleep. It is, however, a great cheap alternative to purchasing fancy bath salts!

All three of us tried putting a few drops of lavender on our feet before bed. I thought this was crazy when I first heard of it. How in the world would having oil on my feet help me sleep? Well, turns out, your body absorbs oils very well through the bottoms of your feet. This method worked for all three of us. Everyone was dead asleep in no time, and bonus, our sheets smelled great! If applying lavender oil to the bottom of your feet doesn’t work, you can also try applying a few drops to the back of your neck.

The last test related to sleeping that we tried was to apply a few drops of lavender right onto our pillows. Or, in the little man’s case, on his sheets. This method worked great for us as well. We now all use lavender virtually every night with a combination of the on the feet and on the bedding methods.

Soothing Burned, Dry, or Chapped Skin

Our second round of lavender oil testing was related to skin. Here were some of our tests and the results:

lavender skin

I’ve also read that Lavender can be helpful when dealing with acne, sunburns, and other skin issues, but thankfully, this time around, no one in the family needed the lavender for those uses.


lavender earache My husband and I both get ear infections. We both have battled them ever since we were babies and continue to battle them in adulthood. We have learned to spot the signs of an ear infection in its earliest stages and seek treatment immediately. So, when our little man was pulling on and itching his ear while constantly crying, (on the 4th of July might I add) we quickly jumped in the car and rushed him to an urgent care center. The verdict: his ear was red and inflamed, but not quite infected. They tossed an antibiotic Rx at us in case it got worse over the holiday weekend and sent us on our way.

Well, as parents with extensive personal experience in ear infections, we knew this would get worse fast if we didn’t do something. However, I didn’t want to put a one year old on antibiotics unless absolutely necessary. So, after a call to my Young Living distributor (contact info below) and some internet research, we learned that we could mix a few drops of lavender oil with a few drops of olive oil and rub it down the side of his ear/next. See instructions here. We also spent some time holding a warm compress up to his ear and ear canal.

I was pretty skeptical. I have gone my whole life believing that as soon as you feel an ear infection coming on, you have to start taking antibiotics or else it just gets worse. Much to my surprise, after repeating this a few times, our little guy quit itching his ear, was completely calm, went back to napping and sleeping well, and within 24 hours had no more ear pain at all. We will definitely be trying this method some more this winter when my husband and I tend to get the most ear infections because I was completely amazed!

Cleaning with Lavender

Shortly before little man was born, we started using chemical free, homemade cleaners. Most of our homemade cleaners contain a good amount of vinegar. The problem with this - it stinks. Good news is that essential oils do a pretty good job of masking the vinegar smell. The vinegar smell also goes away pretty quickly, but the essential oil scent sticks around for a while. Plus, the smell of lavender is relaxing and don’t we all wish that cleaning the house was relaxing?! A basic all-purpose ,homemade cleaning solution recipe is:

Homemade Cleaner


Fly Repellent on Dogs

The flies love our dogs. No matter how clean we keep them or our yard. The problem is that they bite our dogs’ ears and heads. In addition to being concerned about the health and safety of our dogs when using toxic fly repellant, I was especially concerned about our little man petting the dogs and getting those toxins onto his hands and then of course into his mouth. What did I do? I Googled “Essential Oils Fly Repellent.” I should have known that lavender would come up! I’m telling you, this stuff works for almost anything! Lavender is gentle enough to be (carefully!) used on some pets, including dogs. For a 32 oz spray bottle of water, mix in 5-10 drops of lavender. Spray onto the area where the dog is being bitten by flies. Be careful to avoid their eyes.

In Summary:

Well, I could go on and on about how much I love Lavender oil, but I’m going to stop here and send you off to do some of your own exploring and learning. Lavender is one of the most versatile oils that you can buy and is a really good place to begin when starting to use essential oils.

To purchase a bottle of Young Living’s Lavender, visit to find an independent distributor near you, or contact mine, Emma Hill, at At the time that this post was written, Young Living’s Lavender retails for $30.92 + tax & S&H.

Also, check out my thoughts on the Young Living Brand and Young Living’s essential oil blend Purification.  Do you use Lavender essential oil in your home? Tell me below in the comments how you used it and what you thought!

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  1. Tasha Jackson

    I use Lavender a lot. I have a spritz by Aura Cacia that I use pretty much every night in Annabelle’s room, plus I drop 3 drops of the oil in Annabelle’s bath water. LOVE LAVENDER! I haven’t tried Young Living yet… my first class is next week!

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