Firecracker Nails

Firecracker Nails



I found some graffti nails on pinterest that I thought were a lot of fun. I pinned them and went about my life thinking there was no way I could accomplish that look. Then a couple weeks ago my friend, Staci, over at 7 On a Shoestring wrote a post about Learning to Paint Graffiti Nails where she shared how to achieve this look. I still hadn't thought much about it until I started thinking about my 4th of July Nails.

I could have done something similar to my Texas Flag Nail Art by doing the American Flag but that wasn't exciting enough for me. I wanted something unique and different! So I decided to go with the firecracker look...


Here is the process of my nails being done using the method that Staci shared on her blog:

firecracker process

These were fun to do and I am absolutely loving the results. I will be rocking these for the 4th of July for sure. Give it a try and have fun, but's messy! I've been told that vaseline or lotion might help keep the nail polish off the skin but I haven't tried it yet. Next time...

fire cracker nails 3

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  1. Isn't it fun?! But did you make sure NOT to do what I did the first time? Inhale? HaHa! Great job, by the way! :)
    • Jana
      I was trying SOOOOO hard to blow and blow only :) I was nervous that I would give myself a nice inhale, but thankfully didn't.
  2. Martha Davenport
    Love it! Love me some fun nails!
    • Jana
      It was a lot of fun! I think I might try to do this for our neon dash in September. Thinking it would be a lot of fun.
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  7. Lynda E
    These look amazing! We're featuring your post on our Independence Day Round Up at Reviews, Chews & How-Tos: Thanks so much for sharing!

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