Halloween Recipes for your Spooky Celebration

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These quick and easy Halloween recipes make throwing a spooky celebration a cinch! With a bubbling color-changing drink and body parts for dessert, you are sure to impress your guests!

Halloween Drink and Dessert Recipes for your #SpookyCelebration #cbias #shop

Halloween is a fun holiday for people of all ages... whether you are a little tick, getting dressed up as your favorite super-hero so you can go door to door collecting your lute; or you are old and grey and still thinking of the next year's costume or how you can spook the neighborhood trick or treaters. Either way, this goofy, eerie, spooky holiday is just plain fun.

For us homemakers, Halloween has grown from what it was when we were young. It not only means costumes... it also means creepy home decor and a kooky menu!

When it comes to Halloween recipes, the more chilling, the better. And if you're like me, fan of all things sweet, this often means coming up with some ghoulish desserts. This year was no different, and with a little one in the house, my brain was stuck on kid-friendly recipes that are quick and easy to make. I am so excited to share my creations this year!

I gave you a bit of a sneak peak last week of my new Halloween recipes when I posted up my ghostly, color-changing mocktail, The Witch's Specter.

The Witch's Specter - A Spooky Non-Alcoholic Halloween Drink #cbias #shop #SpookyCelebration

For this spine-chilling Halloween drink, I used a natural acid-base indicator, red cabbage juice, to create a magical color changing effect.  The baking soda, 7UP soda, dry ice, and Hawaiian Punch served to alter the pH of the solution, therefore changing the color of the drink.

The full recipe and a brief description of the science behind the effect can be found here.

When it came to coming up with an equally cool but creepy dessert to go along with this Halloween mocktail, quick and easy were my main goals.  Plus, I have been slightly obsessed with salty / sweet combinations lately, so I loved the idea of combining sweet, milky chocolate with the savory crunch of pretzels.  That's when I came up with my next Halloween recipe: 'Dem Bones!

'Dem Bones - An Easy Halloween Dessert #cbias #shop #SpookyCelebration

This cute and spooky dessert can be thrown together in a jiffy and only requires 3 ingredients.  Does it get any better than that?  Here's how you do it:

Gather your ingredients:

- MARS Miniatures (Milky Way, 3 Muskateers, and Snickers) - I bought the mixed miniatures variety pack with 230 pieces, which was a steal with the coupons that I had.
- Old-fashioned pretzel dipping sticks - These pretzels are thicker and longer than regular pretzel sticks.  I found mine at my local grocer.
- White Chocolate barking chocolate or chocolate chips - Either Works!

'Dem Bones Ingredients #cbias #shop #SpookyCelebration


Assemble your Bones:

Simply pierce each mini  with the pretzel stick, adhering one onto each end, much like dumbells.

'Dem Bones In Progress #cbias #shop #SpookyCelebration

Dip your Bones:

Melt your white chocolate candy bark or chips as instructed on the packaging.  Coat each "bone."  I found it easiest to hold the bone by the pretzel stick above my bowl of chocolate and pour chocolate over until coated.  If you try to place the bones into the bowl of chocolate to coat, the milk chocolate melts into the white chocolate.

Once coated, lay on wax or parchment paper to harden.  Once hardened, they are ready to display or eat!  🙂  Yummmmy!


'Dem Bones - An Easy Halloween Dessert
Recipe Type: Halloween Dessert
Author: Tasha @ Thirty-one:10
Prep time:
Total time:
This quick and easy recipe combines the sweet, creamy taste of MARS miniatures with the savory crunch of pretzels, all coated in white chocolate, for a Halloween dessert that is just as tasty as it is cute and spooky!
  • MARS Miniatures (Snickers, Milky Way, and 3 Musketeers) - 2 per serving
  • Old-Fashioned Pretzel Dipping Sticks (thicker and longer than regular pretzel sticks) - 1 stick per serving
  • White Chocolate (either barking chocolate or chocolate chips)
  1. Unwrap your MARS Miniatures.
  2. Pierce the MARS Miniatures with the pretzel sticks to affix one Mini to each end of the pretzel sticks, like a dumbell.
  3. Coat the pretzel/MARS Miniatures combination in white chocolate.
  4. Set on wax or parchment paper to harden.
  5. Enjoy with The Witch's Specter.

With the 'Dem Bones and The Witch's Specter, you are ready to host your Spooky Celebration!  Aren't they delightfully frightful?!

Halloween Drink and Dessert Recipes for your #SpookyCelebration #cbias #shop

Halloween Drink and Dessert Recipes for your #SpookyCelebration #cbias #shop

Halloween Drink and Dessert Recipes for your #SpookyCelebration #cbias #shop

Halloween Drink and Dessert Recipes for your #SpookyCelebration #cbias #shop

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  1. Amy
    Oh my goodness...that drink is crazy amazing. Wow!
    • Tasha Jackson
      Thanks, Amy! My husband and I had a lot of fun formulating it, and of course, my 6 year old niece played creative director! ;)
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