Firefighter Themed Birthday Party


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For my Little Man's first birthday party, we of course wanted to do something very special.  He loves to follow around his daddy and do everything that daddy does. So, for his first birthday, we thought a firefighter themed birthday party would be appropriate given the fact that his daddy is a firefighter.  We had so much fun planning and preparing for the party!  For the location, we kept it low key and had a backyard BBQ pool party!  Here's how it all turned out...

Welcome Signs:

Birthday BannerWelcome SignOur "Happy Birthday" and "Welcome to the Firehouse" signs were made using letter cut outs from our local craft store, cardstock, ribbon, tissue paper, and firefighting stickers from the scrapbooking aisle.  They set the theme right away as everyone arrived.

Themed Stations:

Theme StationsWhen I first started planning this party, I spent so much time trying to think up fire-themed foods and I was not succeeding!  A friend suggested having themed stations (like fire stations!) instead of themed food.  I thought it was a great idea so we made a signs for the re-fueling station (BBQ Meat), one for the firefighting tools (utensils, plates, napkins), and one for the cooling station (drinks).  You'll also notice that we used red, yellow, and orange tissue paper in mason jars to create "flame" centerpieces.  With the little ones running around, this fake fire was much better than the real thing!

Food and Drinks

FoodWith the exception of the smash cake and cupcake toppers (keep reading to see those!), we made all of the food ourselves from scratch.  Our menu looked like this:

  • Water Infused with lemon, peaches, and strawberries -  This was a cool, refreshing treat for a warm day and the colors of the fruit matched our "flames!"
  • Iced Tea - You can't have a Texas BBQ without Iced Tea
  • Fireman's 4 Beer - For the adults of course!
  • Brisket and Ribs - These were made courtsy of my father-in-law who makes the BEST BBQ!
  • Mini Mac and Cheese Bites - These were so yummy!  These are great finger foods and were a huge hit.  Cook more than you think you will need because everyone loves Mac and Cheese! I followed the recipe HERE exactly.
  • Spicy Lime Corn Salad - I wrote about this one a few posts ago.  Click HERE for the recipe.
  • Ranch Oyster Crackers - This one is a classic recipe amongst my friends.  The recipe can be found HERE.
  • Summer Fruit - cut into Bite Sized Pieces
  • A Veggie Tray - with Ranch and Hummus for dipping.

Cake and Cupcakes


Our white chocolate cupcakes were made from scratch using THIS recipe.  I found the wrappers at my local craft store.  The cupcake tower, which is shaped like a fire hydrant, was found on Amazon.  We then topped them with little fire helmets which were made by a very talented friend.  Delicious!

Cake Close Up

Of course the little guy needed his own smash cake!  How cute is this?!  The same very talented friend who made the cupcake toppers made this for us as well. Overall, I think the party was a success.  We kept it to about two hours right in between nap times and the little guy hung in there through all of the excitement.  He had a great time and enjoyed all of the love, food, unwrapping of the presents, swimming, and digging into that cake!  Let me wrap this up with an "awww" picture of my little firefighter!

Cake Smash




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  1. Ashley Jacoby
    Eyyy these are some really adorable ideas for a firefighter party. Wish this was around when my son was little!!
  2. Jana
    So cute Chelsea!!

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