Vintage Window Polaroid Photo Collage – Great Wedding Gift!

Vintage Window Polaroid Photo Collage Wedding Gift

I just love personalized gifts, especially for weddings since the name is actually new and exciting for the bride. And now that I have my {affiliate link} Pazzles creative cutter, I can use it to personalize so many DIY projects. I'm totally stoked about this thing.

When my cousin, Christy, got hitched this summer, I was ready to break in my machine. I loaded up on some vinyl and got to cutting. The great thing about the Pazzles software is that I can create my own cut files versus buying cartridges for each thing I want cut, like some of the competitors. Since I have a bit of a knack for graphic design, this is a major selling point of this machine. I made a personalized frame with a custom tree cutout (which I completely forgot to take photos of... duh!), and I offered to help my mom make something to be from them (selfishly so I could use my handy cutter!).

Inspired by some projects we saw in Canton, my mom picked up an old, beat up window off of Craigslist. Other than securing one of the glass pieces to keep it from falling out, we left it with its dings and peeling paint just to leave character. We liked the idea of turning the old window into a photo frame of sorts by sticking vinyl frames to the vintage window. After searching and searching for the perfect frame cut file and being incredibly unsuccessful, we decided to do Polaroid frames, which would be easy enough to make cut files for since I was a novice with the software. We created the Polaroid frames, some of which had hearts cut out, and of course, "The Anders" to make it personal just to the couple.

Here is a brief, possibly over-simplified step-by-step:

1. Place your vinyl sheet on the mat, vinyl side up. Set the blade length to the suggested setting for vinyl (hint: it will tell you when you are selecting what material you are cutting under File/Cut File.
2. Once material and blade are set, load your mat into the machine by lining it up and pressing the double arrow button on the machine. Press "Cut File" within your Cut File dialog box to start the cutting process.
3. Once done cutting, press the double arrow button on the machine to unload the mat.
4. Peel the vinyl sheet from the mat.
5. Place a piece of transfer tape over the vinyl side of your sheet, doing your best to keep it straight with no bubbles. Use a bone (or expired gift card in my case) to press the tape to the vinyl well.
6. Peel off backing from vinyl.
7. Using tweezers, peel away the unwanted pieces of vinyl.
8. Place your transfer tape and vinyl on the front of the window, sticky side down. Press on using a bone, working all bubbles out. This is a tricky and meticulous process. You can poke tiny holes in bubbles to help get the air out if you have one or two that just won't press out.
9. Peel off the transfer tape. Ta-duh!

Vintage Window Wedding Gift
Now, the couple can tape photos to the back of the window behind the vinyl decals. We elected to only personalize it with the family name so the collage frame can grow as their family grows. They can display photos of children, dogs, etc.

Window Photo Frame - Great Wedding Gift DIY!
Note: the images I put in the frame are just for example. Those are not my Anders. 🙂

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