Dinner Party Table Top Made Easy

I love entertaining guests in our home so when we started looking for a new home this summer I desperately wanted a large open area for entertaining and space for an actual dining table not just a small kitchen table. When we found a house in our price range with two living areas and two dining areas I was sold ! So when Sparkle & Dine reached out to me I immediately thought about hosting a girls night at our house with some of the new neighbors I've come to get to know so well.

Honestly, the entire concept behind Sparkle & Dine is just genius plus I love supporting a local entrepreneur. Sparkle & Dine makes dinner planning just a step easier with their beautiful tablescapes. Sure you could turn to pinterest, but before you know it you are overwhelmed and running up the cost of your dinner party! They make it easy for you with great themed tablescapes perfect for every occasion. I am love this Kate Spade Inspired Glam Table Styling kit that they sent my way! There are so many fun ways you can use your own flare to change up this tablescape or you can purchase add-ons from Sparkle & Dine to change it up. In this case, I'm just hosting a dinner party with friends but if I wanted to turn it into a Christmas tablescape I could grab some of the Red Mercury Glass Trees from the O Chirstmas Tree set and add different flowers to the center piece.

Beautiful Kate Spade Inspired Tablescape from Sparkle & Dine

What I loved most about this Kate Spade set is that I really didn't have to put much work into decorating my table! Sure I had to work on my handwriting a little bit, but everything else was so easy. The website also serves as a great place to be inspired for adding your own personal flare to the table. Fresh flowers are a great option for dinner parties or if you want to decorate for the season how about some beautiful fake flowers? Thankfully they are making them more and more real these days.

Once the table was decorated all I had to worry about was planning a menu and entertaining my guests! My friends are constantly complementing my Kate Spade inspired table top and it was just the inspiration I needed to change my formal living area over to a black and gold themed room! Stay tuned for updates on our soon to be changes 🙂

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  1. sarah
    I also bought a Sparkle and Dine set for Thanksgiving. Looked great and my guests noticed the decor and gave good comments. The table runner needs an ironing but all else looks great!
    • Jana
      Yes, I totally need to iron it out. Now if only I could find the iron from the move ;)

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