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Thirty-one:10 is a multi-contributor blog dedicated to sharing content relevant to Christian wives and mothers.  Our authors and intended audience are women who strive to live by the example of the Wife of Noble Character as descripted in Proverbs 31:10-31.  Our team of authors are a collaborative family of women from many different backgrounds and circumstances, all of whom hold Jesus dear in their hearts.

Content subject matter ranges greatly and can include posts based on faith, childcare, wifehood, recipes, homemaking, beauty, current events, and much more.  Since the role of a Proverbs women is heavily varied, relevant content is likewise heavily varied.  While we may occasionally host themed series, content subject matter is generally determined by the individual author.

We do allow and occasionally offer opportunities for authors to post sponsored content on our site, retaining all free merchandise and 90% of payments for themselves.  We mandate a sponsored post ratio of no more than 33% (simply put, you may post one sponsored post for each 2 non-sponsored post sequentially).  Read more below regarding sponsored content.

We ask all authors to post a minimum of one time per month.  Authors may post more than that at their own will.

Why the heck would I want to do that?

Sometimes it is nice to have a place to showcase our most awesome ideas, share an inspiring testament that may just change a reader’s life, and/or immortalize your late grandmother’s uh-mazin’ ‘nana pudding recipe. Blogging can be a creative outlet or platform for your voice. Blogging can also inspire you to do things around your house or with your kids that is particularly blog-worthy.

While blogging can be fun, administering a blog of your own can be very difficult. It takes a lot of time, effort, and diligence to build traffic and social media followings, plus the maintenance and other technical headaches can be tedious to work out. It can take a long time to establish your search engine placement. When you write for Thirty-one:10, you are writing for an established readership and all headaches of maintaining a blog and SEO are taken care of behind the scenes. Its all the good without any of the bad.

Plus, if you are looking to work with brands and gain sponsored content opportunities, you get to flaunt our stats.

Have a blog of your own? Contributing to another blog can be a great way to expose your blog to others. We are happy to cross-promote your blog, and when our readers fall in love with you, they are likely to fall in love with your own blog, too.

Blogging, especially with an established readership, can also be a great way to expose your small business, if applicable. For example, wouldn’t it be nice to expose our readership to your Etsy store?

Exciting Changes To the Site:

Thirty-one:10’s site is trading in the wardrobe its worn for the last few years in exchange for a new, exciting look! With floating boards similar to Pinterest, a format that allows our personalities show more than ever, and software upgrades making the site fast and easy to navigate on any device, our site will be {almost} as awesome as our team of writers!

Post Approval Process:

All post content must be true, respectful, and consistent with Christian values.  Profane and offensive content are strictly prohibited.   Thirty-one:10 administrators reserve the right to refuse to post content at their own discretion.

Content Ownership:

As an author for Thirty-one:10, you are authorizing Thirty-one:10 to use your content as best seen fit, whether you continue to write for Thirty-one:10 or not. After submitting for approval, your content in its entirety (including photos, etc) belongs to Thirty-one:10. All content submitted to Thirty-one:10 should be original and is not permitted for submission to any other site. Thirty-one:10 will always strive to give accurate credit to all of our authors, and we certainly permit authors to refer to their work on Thirty-one:10 for their personal portfolios.


For each active author, we will create a biography page with photo and third-party biography. We allow and encourage you to list your personal websites and/or social media profiles, as self-promotion is certainly allowed here. If at any time you wish your biography to be updated, please let one of your site administrators know. Thirty-one:10 may remove your biography at their own discretion if authorship is terminated or becomes stagnant.

Sponsored Content:

Thirty-one:10 regards any paid, whether via money, gift cards, or free merchandise or services, posting opportunities as sponsored content. For all sponsored content, all authors agree to the following terms and guidelines:

  • For each sponsored content post, author must submit two non-sponsored content posts sequentially.
  • For all monetary and gift card compensation posts, a sum equal to 10% must be paid to Thirty-one:10 for general upkeep of the website. For example, if a vendor pays $200 for a sponsored post, $20 must be paid to Thirty-one:10. Likewise, if payment is made via a $50 gift card, $5 must be paid to Thirty-one:10. All payments must be submitted through Paypal using the following payee address:
  • If a sponsored content post provides free merchandise or services for trial/review purposes, the author may keep the merchandise with no payment to Thirty-one:10.
  • All sponsored content must be approved. Before accepting a sponsored opportunity, please first get approval from site administrators (Jana or Tasha).
  • All sponsored content must:
    • Disclose sponsorship.
    • Contain only “nofollow” links.
    • Follow all FCC guidelines for sponsored posts.
  • While site administrators will present opportunities for its writers when we are approached with them, it will primarily be the responsibility of the authors to seek out their own sponsored post opportunities. We are happy to share information and tips for getting such gigs; simply ask.
  • We permit you to use Thirty-one:10’s statistics to gain sponsored content to post on our site. As an author for Thirty-one:10, our reach is now your reach, too. However, we do not permit you to use our statistics for non-Thirty-one:10 related solicitations.

Affiliate Links:

Thirty-one:10 prohibits authors from placing affiliate links on their posts.

Site Promotion:

We would LOVE if you would further the site’s reach by promoting it to your available networks.  This may include sharing posts on your social media channels and mentioning your participation to friends and family.  As our site grows, so do sponsored content opportunities and payments for such gigs.


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